When installing a new printer, in addition khổng lồ connecting with the computer, we need to lớn install the Driver that is compatible with that printer to lớn be able lớn use the printer. The driver is a driver that helps khổng lồ connect the computer and the printer smoothly, so that you can print documents from the computer to the printer. In this article, loctien.net will guide you lớn tải về và install Driver for Canon 3300 printer on windows 7, windows 10 32bit và 64bit.

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Before downloading the driver, you need to lớn determine if the windows you are using is 32 or 64bit by the following way;

Right-cliông xã My Computer (This PC), select Properties, then the System window will appear, look at the System type line khổng lồ know if it is win 32 or 64bit. The example in the image below is 64bit Windows 10.


After you have identified the 32bit or 64 bit windows, go lớn the following links to tải về Driver:

Driver Canon LBP.. 3300 32bit for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10:

Driver Canon LBP 3300 64bit for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10:


Steps lớn install Canon 3300 Driver.



Step 3: Open the extract thư mục inside, you will see the Setup.exe cộ tệp tin, double clichồng on this file lớn install the Driver.

Note : You need khổng lồ connect the printer khổng lồ the computer before installing.


The installation steps are quite simple, all you need lớn vì chưng is Next .

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Finally, when the Canon 3300 Printer Driver has been installed successfully, you can select to lớn print test and choose the right Canon LBP3300 printer as shown below.

Above sầu is an instruction on how to lớn tải về and install Canon LBP3300 Printer Driver, hope you will find the article useful. Good luck!