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This is a comtháng error message that occurs with any NVIDIA card on any Windows operating system. When the computer detects that your graphics card is not responding, the screen goes blachồng for a few seconds followed by the pop-up box below, và the software utilising the graphics card would stopped working.


The cause of this error is not an obvious one. It could be a corrupted or outdated graphics thẻ, power supply, ram or overheating. If this error persists, follow the steps below to troubleshoot.

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Note: If, at any time, you are not familiar or are uncomfortable performing any of the solutions below, please consult your IT department.


xuất hiện your Control Panel from the Start thực đơn và cliông chồng on Hardware và Sound.Cliông xã on nguồn Options.At Preferred plans, clichồng on High performance lớn choose it as your preferred plan. Clichồng on Change plan settings for High performance and select Change advanced power settings to display the advanced settings.Scroll down and exp& PCI Express. Turn off the Link State Power Management setting.Clichồng Apply to lớn save sầu the settings and cliông xã Ok khổng lồ cthua the window.If you are still experiencing this error, there are several other ways that might fix the problem.


mở cửa your Control Panel from the Start menu và clichồng on Hardware & Sound.Under Devices và Printers, click on Device Manager.Exp& the Display adapters. Right-click on the graphics thẻ and select Update Driver Software.Select Search automatically for updated driver software. Update to the lademo driver software.

Open your Control Panel from the Start thực đơn and click on System và Security.At Windows Update, cliông chồng Cheông xã for updates.If there are updates khổng lồ be installed, click Install updates khổng lồ begin installing.
If the error does not go away, it could be a faulty RAM or your display drivers are overheating.

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To kiểm tra your RAM, simply remove all the RAM sticks except one và see if it fixes the problem. Repeat this until you have found the faulty RAM stichồng. If the error happens no matter which RAM stiông xã you put in, that means the RAM is not the problem here.To check the temperature of your display driver, you can tải về any PC hardware monitoring program. If you find that the temperature increases rapidly when using a graphic intensive sầu software, you can either try cleaning the driver"s cooling người or installing new fans.

Note: If you are not familiar or are uncomfortable performing any of the solutions above sầu, please consult your IT department.

If the problem persists, or if you have sầu any questions, feel free to contact our support team at support


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